Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Showing off your company brand while on Zoom or in person


Are you Zooming with your client meetings?  It seems that is what is the current meeting culture here in Pandemic land.  

Meeting on Zoom you can show up in your jammie bottoms (as long as you don't STAND up!!)  BUT what are you wearing that will show up on the Zoom screen?

Do you take the time to look over your wardrobe as if you were going to meet the client in person?  I know I have been lax in this area.  I'm not showing up in a sloppy tee or my jammies, but not as professional as I could be....SO with that, how can we show up more professional?

Here are a few tips to make you look "Picture Perfect" in front of your client on Zoom:

  1. Upgrade your Lighting--light shining on your beautiful face is the best 

  2. Apply a background in Zoom--we printed a banner that acts as our backdrop without looking fuzzy...And it is totally on brand!

  3. Keep Smiling! ...

  4. Keep your appearance professional--have you thought about branded apparel? From nice tees (depending on your profession) to embroidered polos, dress shirts, to jackets, we can help.  Around here we say If you can Think it, we can Ink it!

  5. Keep good posture. ...

  6. Make sure the sound is good.  Because we want to hear you & so does your client!

And when you show up professional on Zoom now... it will definitely run over into the time we can see coming in the future and you will be the one ahead in the game looking Picture Perfect!

Thanks to Google for helping with this list!

Thursday, March 12, 2020

So what do you do?


When you asked this question, how do you respond?
It's great when you have a 30-60 second infomercial ready for your answer.

Sometimes my answer is I take your logo/image and print it. 
From business cards to full size
tents, we can take care of you!

So you ask....you print business cards?  We sure do and bi-fold brochures,
tri-fold brochures, flyers, postcards, letterhead and envelopes!

We love printing your logo/image/art on everything and anything!

We can print it on T shirts/apparel or embroider it.
We can print it on labels, indoor or outdoor.
We can print it on water bottles, jar openers,
clips, pens, flashlights, tape measures....the list
is loooonnnnngggg.

So just reach out to us and we can be your person to do all of the research on what will work for
your business.

We have a client that came to us and his business is cryotherapy.  Other franchise owners were
giving out can coozies.  But the city he has his business in caters more to wine and higher end clients.

They would not be loving can coozies!!  We used a cold gel that freezes and has a large imprint area and his people at events are loving it!!!!

We have the marketing expertise to put our heads together to make your marketing unique
to you and your business.

Remember if you can think it, We can Ink it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

How are you staying current in business?

Are you keeping current with your business? 

And you think, just what do you mean?
I'm talking today about current education that is available for your particular business.  Some might call it Industry Trends.

Conferences, classes, videos, blogs, podcasts, and so much more--lots to squeeze into our busy daily business schedule.

Our team goes to a yearly conference to keep up with the current trends and I am always surprised
on how many of my competition are not in the room.

Staying current with trends, what's new, especially in the technology part of promotional products,
new marketing strategies, sales ideas, and more!!

It is the place where we can get excited about our business again and come back with even more
great ideas for our clients.

So what do you do to keep current in your business?
Would love to learn about how you keep current, please share!!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Do you screenprint?

One of the questions we get asked almost daily....Do you screenprint?  Why YES we do!!

Let's take a walk through the screenprinting process.

First, send us your art.  All jobs are priced on the quality of the garment (t-shirts, sweatshirts,
tanks, jackets), the quantity of shirts, the amount of colors in the art, and the number of placements
you want printed.

Your art goes into our art department and each color has a screen made for it and each screen
must align so that your finished product looks great.  We ask for true vector art (AI, Corel, or
EPS) as it then comes to us that we can pull each color for the screens.

Each shirt has to be mounted on the press and then hit with each color individually.  If it is a dark
garment, we do a white flash coat (a base coat to allow the colors to pop), and then your colors from your art are then screened on top of it.

Then it is pulled off the press and put into a big oven that binds the ink to the garment.  Then
they are folded, boxed, and delivered to you.

We can do youth to 6XL with the same art.  But the size of the art will be as big as it can be
on the youth garments and then it will be the same size on the 6XL.  If you want it to be bigger
on the adults, we can do 24+ youth shirts with your art and then the adults in another order of 24+
We do this all of the time and have had no problems.  It is just your personal perference.

We love printing!  Please feel free to reach out for a quote and let us help you look great for
your business, family reunion, conference, non profit, camp, Disney trip...remember if you can
think it, we can ink it!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Are you showing off your Business Brand in your client appreciation?

When thinking of great gifts to say Thank You to your great clients...Have you thought of
coming up with something great to give them that has your BRANDING on it?

I'm in the business and was thinking about a client last week I wanted to give a Thank You gift
to AND then it hit me!!  I should have a stash of Great Gifts that have my branding on them
to give!!

Why am I showing off Starbucks or Nike or Amazon when I can show off my business?  I actually
won one of these great bluetooth speakers at our convention in January and Love it!  And I
remember that company and experience when I use it:)

Wouldn't a nice blue tooth speaker be a great gift?
Or a stainless steel 16 oz coffee tumbler?
Or a power bank to have on the go to charge your phone?
Or a travel pack with extra cords for your phone?
So many more ideas to have for you to give to your clients and stay in front of them
as you say THANK YOU!

If you can think it, we can ink it!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

More than you wanted to know about buying a T shirt for your Church, camp, or non profit!

So you want a shirt to show off or market your Church activity?  Camp? Non-profit or maybe even
a family reunion.

Well...You have come to the right place!  Our number 1 best seller is screen printed T shirts, all
colors & varieties. We love printing Tees and we strive for a happy client.

The first thing we do is find you the right t shirt for your event/organization.
Because there are 100% cotton, ring spun cotton, 50/50, different weights, colors, and sizes up
to 6X.  There are Unisex cuts and women's cuts--a lot of great choices!

Then we look at your art--printing is priced according to the color of the shirt, the amount of
colors in the design, how many places we are printing, and of course, the quantity of shirts.

We then give you a quote, send you a proof for approval, and print!!  Shirts are delivered
directly to you or your camp or organizations doorstep!

Recently we have printed shirts for a Church Girls camp, Fire dept, School District, Rotary Camp, a large non-profit camp, a Eyebrow business, an Eclipse watching group, and so much more....

We LOVE printing apparel, so remember if You can think it, We can ink it!

Monday, December 5, 2016

What's your Vision?

I've been wanting to write a vision for myself and my sweetie for years...Intimidation.;..I started and stopped, let work get in the way, thought what do I really want ( and  Yes!! just how is this going to happen?), where do I really want to go, and so many more questions go running through my mind!

Bleck!!  What do I say?

Recently I had the privilege of going to International BNI conference
and two of the speakers spoke to just this!  It was just what I needed.

One said what are your non negotiables?  That struck home to me and I knew I could do it from there.
The other speaker spoke about his new book, Eyes Wide Open--as he is blind!!!  We didn't know this
until he told us!!  How cool is that?

Anyway, he just put into words what I needed to hear.

And we took the advice and calendared it and took a half day and wrote it! 

I am so excited to have it done for one, but it inspires us!!

So totally cool...

So find something that inspires you, ask yourself what are your non negotiables and DREAM BIG!!

A quote I recently heard....Might as well Dream Big, small comes anyway.